Magazine: Types of Type

Experiments with type...

Experiments with type…

Experimenting is good fun. Especially when you get to play games to help your projects.
My team has christened our music magazine “Hum,” with the desire to bring the concept of music to its most relatable and simplistic form (who can’t hum?). Almost any song can be hummed, without worrying about lyrics, pitch, or dynamics.

I was assigned the task of exploring typefaces for the magazine content. And as I said above, experimenting is good fun –especially when you get to play games to experiment. In order to create a modern, sleek, and appropriate typeface, I decided to experiment with a sans serif typeface. I settled upon the Univers family; sleek and broad, the font family has so many versions (condensed, light, bold, extended, roman, oblique, etc), that it seemed to be a viable option. The condensed regular font face seemed appropriate for a body copy setting.

I went onto Type Connection (try it. It’s good fun, if you’re a design-nerd like me), and it suggested pairing the font family with Glypha (also designed by Frutiger). Having both, it’s made for a lot of fun experimentation. Now, I’ve been hunting down appropriate hand-rendered typefaces for graphic headers. I’m between a few; more experimentation has to happen before I decide.

And now it’s time to design type, not type about type, so cheers!


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