Magazine-y Mood


Before getting into any project, you have to get in the mood.

Like, the project-defining-mood.

Or tone.

Call it what you will.

For our music magazine redesign, finding the distinct tone and style was extremely important. The magazine will be highlighting three interlinking genres of music on the local music scene. After discussing ideas about “hand drawn,” “crafty,” and “zine” style inspirations, we all broke up individually to find inspiration.

Being both a musician and an artist (plus design student), I looked started with the literal illustrative styles found on album covers, lurking along the fringes of Pinterest and the dusty shelves of my CD cabinet (and iTunes library) for album covers. With the words “bold,” “punk,” “indie,” “electronic,” “crafty/DIY/handmade/hipster,” and “illustrated” in mind, I amassed three pages of visual inspiration. I felt that, although differing, there were a lot of similar tones across the imagery. Collage, line art, and a sway away from realism seemed to dominate. I chose not to establish a colour palette because music evokes a variety of “colours” or “moods” or “tones,” so instead I chose a contrast of colours and shades.


moodieboardmood board

Fun stuff.

Anyways. My internet shouldn’t be working right now and yet I’ve somehow been working it in some weird loophole that makes no sense for the past hour. Odd. So I’ll post this now before pushing my luck too far.



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