Newsletters Complete

Print (Page 1/4)

Print; Page 2&3/4

Print; Page 2 and 3 Out of 4

Print; Page 4/4

Print; Page 4/4

As reading break rolls in, I thought it was time to post the updated, finalized versions of my newsletter designs.

There were a lot of changes from the original existing newsletter, and a few adjustments to my design. Basically, throughout, I wanted to keep a tone that remained true to the charming and quaint quality of the area. After a crazy search for a colour scheme that didn’t overdose on sepia or vibrancy, I finally settled on a cream and light blue antique-style colour palette, with brown hints and white. I had a lot of fun taking about half of the photos, and am grateful that Google exists for the others.

Web; General Events E-Newsletter

For my first 4-page print newsletter, targeting community members and society members, I was inspired by looking at old newspapers and telegrams (with the pale yellow boxes). I kept things fairly simple, with the idea that it would be easy to hypothetically pass the file along to the organization to update as required. I used a mix of Museo (700) and Din to hint at serifs, while maintaining a modern typeface. A three column grid set the general pace for this piece.

My second piece, a web e-newsletter, measures 600pixels wide, and covers a multitude of events. It has a large photo-centric event at the top for hierarchy, followed by a section focused on “Restoration” events, with “Society-Member” events and Community Events taking up the tail. The layout didn’t change much from the original, although I played with a myriad of colours, backdrops, typefaces, and even considered different photos.

Print; Single Event

Print; Single Event

Print; Single Event (Backside)

The final and favourite layout was for a single feature event –in this case “Douglas Day.” All photos are original, and I had a lot of fun playing with the layers of type and image, cropping out the statue to overlay over the text boxes.

As for now, I’m going to enjoy the beginning of reading break.

Keep an eye peeled for updates on an upcoming music-magazine project!


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