Colour: Frustration.

Web Event 2

Week two.
Newsletter number two.
Drafting is a frustrating process.

I’ve been really frustrated in trying to pick a good colour scheme that says both “historic” yet “contemporary.” I guess it’s a bit of an oxymoron, really. I’ve played with sepia tones and colour palettes from the early 1900s, but nothing really has felt quite right. This snapshot of my current work-in-progress-event-web-newsletter is the product thus far of my colour frustrations.

There is so much conveyed in colour alone. In the tone that colour creates. For example, while going through the colours of the rainbow and the shades of light, I found that I personally liked a pale grey… but personally liking something just doesn’t cut it if it doesn’t convey the right tone. It was too cold, detached, and impersonal, although elegant.

I’m trying to find colours to convey the historic, nostalgic, friendly, inviting and charming element of the heritage society. An early colony on the Westcoast, things were originally rough and rugged in the town. So it’s been an interesting and maddening thing to try and pin down! And nearly impossible to break away from sepia!


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