Happy Tuesday, First Draft Newsday.

Draft 1

Draft one has begun.

I decided to completely revamp the entire heritage brand for my first newsletter design. After deciding on creating a web-based e-newsletter, I began with tackling the society logo. At this stage, it is a simple two line text-only logo in Adobe Jenson Pro, which is one of my current serifs-of-the-moment. It will probably change, but as opposed to the previous three-lined boxy-and-pixely creature, I’m fairly happy with it.

I have yet to adjust the kerning and leading, but with the cut-and-paste aid of Pommy Ipsum, I have a pretending-to-be-full-of-info draft of the layout that’s semi on it’s way to being done. And thank goodness for Google, because it’s the benevolent provider of these placeholder photos I’m using.

There were a few changes from my initial digital iteration. The section headers were added, the header typefaces changed from Helvetica to Myriad, and I adjusted the leading for the “>>Pommy ipsum bent” hyperlinks.

Fun stuff. Happy Tuesday.


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