Welcome to Publication Design 2200 (Magazines n’ More!)


A new year, a new season, a new semester. Things have been a little silent here because of the semester break (I’m thinking that maybe the whole “52 weeks, 52 posts” concept might not pan out perfectly with these breaks thrown in there; but then again, who knows), but that’s soon to change, as the Tuesday afternoons of 2014(‘s Springtime) will be featuring round two of my adventures in Publication Design!

Publication Design 2200, to be more precise.

Basically, we’ll be looking at and more-than-looking-at-but-actually-making things like Newsletters and Magazines. Being quite interested in Editorial Design, I’m especially excited for the Magazine design segment. The play between typography, grids, and photography is of definite interest to me (on a tangent, I’m especially excited for the photography aspect as I just bought a new DSLR!)

Fun stuff. Keep checking back for potentially-interesting postings.

2200 in 2014. Should be an exciting semester.


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