Pinterest and Whimsy and Jolly Good Things


It’s a fairly addictive (and sometimes lethal-to-time-sensitive-projects) creature.

Somewhere between the span of a few days and a single project, I tend to find myself scrolling through the endless lists of DIY, travel destinations, and beautiful objects at least once. Or many more times. And sometimes (or well… almost always) I find things of whimsy that I wish I had found earlier.

Like this beauty; “Alaska” by Sue Saliba.

I am truly a sucker for three things:

  1. Pinterest
  2. Good/Fun/Interesting/__[Other Quality Here]__ Design
  3. Whimsical Illustrations

Something about the stylized vector images on this cover really stirs my imagination and makes me want to sketch (and pick up the book, of course). The muted monochrome cover with the bright orange interior contrast is so quirky and beautiful. The artsy and organic layout and relationship between the type and other elements is great as well (even the barcode fits in!).

If there was some kind of finish or texture to that cover (because point “0.5.” of the list above should be “Textures on Book Covers”), I might just run out of the house in my bare feet right now to buy it .

I did a quick look at the designer of this book cover, Allison Colpoys, on The Design Files, and I have to say that I wouldn’t mind borrowing her brain or at least tapping into whatever frequency she’s tuned into.

Sure, whimsy doesn’t fit everything. But is it ever fun!


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