Done with Columns

6 column grid original.

6 column grid original.

My desktop is officially drowning in documents.

All current-work-in-progress-at-this-very-moment-and-all-day-today-and-tomorrow documents. Don’t get me wrong– it’s all (surprisingly) organized, with file names and folders to arrange everything. It’s just a part of my workflow to keep all active projects somewhere where I can see them (while watching nostalgic movies from my childhood like the original Star Wars trilogy in the background while monkeying around in the Creative Suite).

Anyways, what this means is that I have a lot to post-or-potentially-post. I’m still weighing the should-I’s-or-shouldn’t-I’s of some project, just for the sake of privacy and stuff.

But here’s the update on the newspaper redesign (with all the interesting bits pixellated out, though– sorry!). The project is rolling along nicely; I’ve completed the front page layout and design, and presentations are on Monday. I’m glad to have a good group to work with, too.

Anyways, that’s all for this exact moment because I have a bunch of PSA ads to write copy for. So close, but still so far!



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