Creating Creative Briefs for… Creativity?

This has been a week all about create briefs.

Creating creative briefs for the purpose of creating creative works for creative things and creative people who all love creativity. It’s a lot of creative, without looking all that creative.

I admit, I’ve been reluctant to post because there isn’t much that’s intriguing to post when it comes down to a sheet of paper entailing a project’s details like project objectives, target audiences, Unique Selling Propositions, User Value Propositions, Project Deliverables, and the like.

On the plus side, I will soon be posting some drafts of a newspaper redesign. The original is, in a word, horrendous. The type looks like a book, with two uninviting ugly columns of text, weird gaps and strange, inconsistent margins, way too many typefaces, strange ad sizes, and a lack of using the grid to line anything up.

There’s a lot of work to be done.


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