10 Free Typefaces

Much to my delight and (hopefully) yours, I’ve compiled a short list of some of the most delightful-interesting-or-some-other-adjective typefaces, which will be the beginning of many lists of free-to-download fonts… all of which are crowding my computer’s memory and are completely FREE! Although, if you’d like to support the type designer and leave them a donation, I’m sure that they’d be very glad for it.

There’s an array of scripts, serifs, sans serifs, slab serifs, deco, and more that I’ve downloaded thanks to kind designers who share their talents for free, so I will slowly be linking to their works for you. There are 10 mostly-display-and-script-faces in this post, as well as a slab or two or something. Happy designing!

  • Haymaker – Designed by Trevor Baum (This is the font I used for my Huck Finn Redesign)











Klinic Slab




































Wisdom Script

  • Blanch – Designed by Utopias



Great Vibes

  • Weston – Designed by Pavel Pavlov


  • Lobster – Designed by Impallari Type


Go Boom

There are many fonts to come, but it’s late and it’s taken a while to compile them all. So, if this is your first time downloading: enjoy! If you already have these: just wait, I’ll be back with more.

(*Images courtesy of Google)


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