Huckleberry Done

Huckleberry: Done.

So, my redesign of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn (page layouts) is complete!

It was a pretty fun process.

Mapping out the grid. Picking appropriate fonts. Watching how the way the novel read changed instantly.

In the end, I decided to stay with the typeface “Haymaker” for the chapter openings. I tried a few scripts, serifs and even a sans serif font… but in the end I felt like Haymaker conveys the right “rustic” feel for a story about a couple of boys running around the countryside.

I also chose to stay with Adobe Jenson Pro Regular. I was a little frustrated to see that there didn’t appear to be a Book Weight in the font family, but so it goes. (I personally like fonts light and spaced out in books, anyways…)

I decided to keep the traditional style of headers (the Author’s name and book title) running across the top of the page; it occurred to me that those pages might be scanned by the reader (e.g. for class, like I did), so it’s a good idea to keep those factors in place. And it just looks kind of classical, too.

Anyways. Peruse the spreads below, and enjoy this glorious sunshine!

Chapter Opening



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