Back At ‘Er!

I’m still in shock that it’s already September– and midway through, no less! I’m still not sure where the summer went.
Not that it’s a bad thing; this is one of my favourite times of the year. It’s a fresh canvas for creativity, and nature is exploding into choruses of colour that makes me want to paint something with vibrant scarlets and tints of tangerine.

Everything is new, but familiar and comfortable. I’m thrilled to be living back at my landlady’s and to be back for my second year of university (which is in almost-full swing). Of the most exciting design-y news this week, my job just restarted after my boss’s long-weekend vacation. I’m currently employed as a Graphic Design Assistant in a small design studio in my hometown, which has been extremely exciting. I was hired on the tail-end of my second semester, at the end of April, and have had a blast all summer working on logo concepts, catalogue layouts, business cards and –the newest skill of all– designing and cutting vinyl decals! It’s been a bit of a learning curve, but it’s been very rewarding and fun. I’m really grateful to be getting the experience and to be learning so much.

This week I worked from 9am-5pm on Friday. The majority of the day was spent cutting and pre-masking vinyl decals for a fairly large vehicle, and then I prepped a vector file for a proof of a vehicle wrap. It was a pretty calm day, just easing back into the routine.

Anyways, Sunday is rapidly about to draw to a close, so I’ll wrap it up there and grab some shut eye before class tomorrow.




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